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Happy Mother’s Day – Self Reflection

No one has ever said, ‘motherhood is worth it but it’s hard. All they say is that it’s hard but worth it’. I heard this young lady (without kids) raised this question. Why do mothers talk about hardship first is what made me ponder.. 🤔

I guess you get a flashback of all the changes & challenges that you go through as a person; emotionally, physically, mentally which drain you. May be?? I honestly don’t know how to put this into words. The effort you put into raising a child is truly and only what a parent can understand. Yet, reality is when you see your baby smile middle of the night, you forget about all your pains and sleep-deprived self and simply smile back in gratitude. Motherhood is indeed a beautiful journey and an even beautiful feeling, but definitely not easy. What do you say mamas?! 🤰🏻

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mamas out there (including myself!)!!

You’re strong, you’re awesome, you’re beautiful and you’re doing the best you possibly could for your kid(s) & your families so don’t be too harsh on yourself. #friendlyreminder

It’s your day today so celebrate yourself & celebrate all the mom-figures you admire! 🥰💕

Sending your way lots of love, strength & prayers,

Ariana Xx 💋💋💋

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