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Beach Bum by Specimen Fragrances


A modern approach to perfume; clean and free of checmicals, niche perfume handmade in Canada. Specimen Fragrances carries unisex perfumes which have a different kick to their scents. They are nothing like your regular perfumes and more of a statement fragrance as I like to describe it. I loved the personalized touch on this bottle; my name ‘Ariana’ was handwritten on the back of the bottle. I’ve never seen a fragrance company do this before. 

Beach bum is described as creamy, aquatic, vanilla, coconut. The scent is long lasting. It’s a great option for ladies I would say as the other two scents, Black Tar and Cherry Popper smelled ideal for men.

My Man likes dark, leather, suede notes and he was more inclined towards the Black Tar scent. Specimen Fragrances is a great addition to your perfume collection which is suitable for any occasion.

Available at Specimen Fragrances

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